Regulatory Solutions for Small Teams with Big Goals

Regulatory Skills

Our full-service regulatory affairs team specializes in providing services and support to meet the regulatory needs of small to mid-sized pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device companies. Our flexible sourcing model augments existing skill sets for today’s smaller life science companies, ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Regulatory Tools

Built entirely in the cloud, rsDM is a SaaS-based solution with no installation or download required. Fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, rsDM's cloud-based model changes the way our industry handles document management. It's easy and requires no IT support - perfect for today's smaller, more virtual life sciences companies.

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VRS offers focused Regulatory strategy, services and technologies specifically designed to meet the needs of growing biopharma companies in developing and registering new therapies in major markets.

VRS provides an industry leading, comprehensive solution, combining top tier Regulatory strategy experts with simple, cloud-based document management technology that supports collaborative authoring, review and approval processes. With practical experience combined with regulatory processes and accountability for results, we are focused on getting clients “across the finish line.”

Revolutionary Document Management

rsDM Redefines Document Management – For the first time 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and ease of use are not mutually exclusive. See how a cloud-based EDMS can deliver compliance without breaking the bank

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